Sandvik announces new drill master role

Sandvik has created a new role in its businesses to provide deeper training of its drilling products.

Graeme Wolfenden will step into this new Drill Master position, effective immediately.

According to the company “the role is unique to Sandvik in Australia and offers customers the opportunity for a Mineral Ground Tools (MGT) expert to be on call nation-wide for maintenance, assessment and training purposes”.

Wolfenden has around three decades of experience in the sector, working in underground coal mines and as a fitter and turner.

He explained that “[the position] was developed to ensure Sandvik customers experience the greatest return on investment from their equipment, from training operators to use and maintain the equipment safely, to carrying out field tests on Sandvik MGT product”.

“In my previous role, I was responsible for the sale of all drilling consumables, drill rods, drill bits and spanners, and cutting tools and sleeves for continuous miners and long wall shearers.

“With my experience in the industry and time spent working in the Newcastle and HunterValley region, I have a good understanding of the needs of underground mines,” Wolfenden said.

Sandvik developed the role as part of its wider ‘carbide-to-customer’ strategy, focusing on the entire customer service chain.

“The ideal end result is being able to show the value of Sandvik products in reducing costs and increasing production levels by using the correct Sandvik products for the task at hand,” Wolfenden said.

“Even if customers are comfortable with the current product being used at the mine site, a fresh set of eyes and some technical input or site trials of new products may bring about significant advances in cost reduction and increased production levels.

“This new Sandvik Drill Master role will play an important part in building and developing our service and support offerings.”

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