Sandvik and Maptek team up for planning and automation systems

Sandvik and Maptek have joined together to develop integrated mine planning and execution solutions as well as automation systems.

Their MoU will focus on creating automated mining equipment that can connect to and work directly from mine planning and measurement data in Maptek’s software.

“There are enormous benefits to be had by making Sandvik mining equipment more automated and more spatially aware,” Sandvik Mining’s global head of automation Rowan Melrose said.

“Improved accuracy and precision, improved safety, and improved costs are all directly related to the outcomes we are targeting. There is no longer a need for mine planning and design detail to be separated from production and execution equipment and operators.

“Sandvik’s work with Maptek will aim to remove that separation….we are very excited about the prospect of creating the most advanced mining systems in the world.”

Maptek’s general manager for Australia, Peter Johnson, added that “this will work will be a huge leap forward for our customers who will be able to send detailed design and modelling data flowing through the mine operations and monitor, in real time, performance and conformance”.

“This is the next step towards further unlocking the inherent value in resource and mine planning data.

“The biggest challenges remains consistent delivery across the mining value chain, and this initiative between Maptek and Sandvik is directly aimed at that outcome.”

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