Sand mining proposal sparks concern for Port Stephens locals

New South Wales sand mining project Salt Ash is causing concern for Port Stephens residents who will today meet with state MP Craig Baumann.

The proposal seeks approval to build an access from the sand dunes to Nelson Bay Road.

Behind the proposal is the family company of the region’s mayor Bruce Mackenzie, the ABC reported.

Locals are concerned that Nelson Bay road is already an accident black spot and a new access road will increase congestion.

A petition will over 500 signatures will be presented to Baumann today, the resident’s spokeswoman Kate Washington said.

"The proposed new access is coming out at a spot which is single lane arterial access up to Tomaree Peninsula and Tilligerry Peninsula," she said.

"It's formally been designated as a black spot.

"Local residents aren't happy and the broader community is not happy because of the congestion and the safety issues that this proposal is going to mean."

There are also concerns that important aboriginal heritage sites could be damaged.

"There are safety issues but on the back of that there are also concerns about destruction of aboriginal heritage sites so it's not simply safety but it's also aboriginal issues as well," she said.

"Our intention is to deliver the petition to him so he may deliver it to parliament for the Minister for Planning."

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