Salary make-up irrelevant, CFMEU

CFMEU president Tony Maher has told MINING DAILY that the structure of BHP chief Marius Kloppers' increased salary is not as important as its size.

The national president of the Construction Forestry Mining Energy union is not concerned with how BHP Billiton chief executive Marius Kloppers came to receive an increased salary of US$10.39 million for 2009, only that he received it.

“It does not matter how the company says the salary was put together,” Tony Maher told MINING DAILY.

“Whatever they say, it is still $12 million (Australian).”

News from this week’s BHP 2009 US Annual Report that Klopper’s salary had increased from US$6.87 million in 2008 has been met with derision by BHP union members.

Maher’s latest comments are in reaction to BHP spokesperson yesterday telling MINING DAILY that Kloppers’ salary increase was in fact not a pay rise, but rather the result of standard company increases and the maturation of long term investments and incentive plans.

According to Maher, BHP will have problems convincing union members that Kloppers’ salary did not represent a pay rise.

“Good luck justifying it,” he said.

BHP union delegates were due to hold meetings yesterday and today in Cessnock in order to discuss potential pay increases for BHP workers.

Maher said the lack of restraint shown at the executive level of the company means BHP workers should push for the biggest pay increase they can.

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