Safety Without Compromise

There are a number of factors competing for priority when completing a drilling job for a mine. While safety is the primary focus for good contractors, cost and time frames also compete for priority. How can drilling companies ensure the safety of their team while sticking to budget and time constraints?

Bunbury Drilling Company (BDC) has created a robust safety culture within the company and utilises modern support equipment set up for the highest compliance standards, to ensure the safety of its team without compromising on cost or time.

Creating a safety culture

BDC General Manager Dale McLeod said the company fosters a safety culture through a focus on the competencies of the team and the equipment that they use.

“We have a robust internal safety culture imbedded at all levels of the business, there is simply no one in the team who accepts less or who is willing to compromise.”

“We ensure our team has the training and experience to correctly operate our broad range of equipment. Fit for purpose equipment operated with competence allows for exceptional availability and utilisation.”

Balancing priorities

Mr McLeod said BDC takes safety as well as time frames and budget into consideration, and is able to identify the best ways to meet all these priorities.

“Safety is paramount, but in terms of continual improvement of the operation, completing projects on time and keeping to budget, you need to focus on identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency on individual projects.”

“We have found improved production and efficiency comes with experience, and the continual availability of fit for purpose equipment to reduce the risk of breakdowns and lost time on a project.”

“We also take an educated, methodical approach to any technical issues that might come up, ensuring we overcome them as quickly as possible and that they don’t repeat.”

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