SA increases energy targets

SA premier Mike Rann will increase the State's renewable energy target to 33% by 2020.

South Australia’s premier Mike Rann has vowed to increase the State’s renewable energy target from 20% by 2014 to 33% by 2020.

South Australia originally passed a legislated renewable energy target of 20% by 2014 in the Climate Change Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act in 2007.

Green’s MLC Mark Parnell said until the new energy target is written into State law it will remain an empty promise.

“Two years ago we put Mike Rann’s old target into law – so why aren’t we doing the same with the new target?” he said.

“We’re pleased the Rann Government has recognised the importance of renewable energy to drive our State’s future prosperity.

“Investing in renewable energy is job rich and smart economics. It’s about time the Rann Government put in some strategic financial support, although $20 million spent over multiple years is a baby step, and dwarfed by support to other industries.”

Parnell said the Green’s were also pleased to see the Rann Government would mandate renewable energy investment as part of the Olympic Dam expansion.

“Despite the Roxby expansion using more electricity than every single house in Adelaide combined, BHP Billiton refused to commit to any investment in renewable energy in the Olympic Dam expansion EIS beyond the minimum they were required to do to secure Federal Government money for their proposed desal plant. That’s just not good enough.

“If the Rann Government is serious about a strong future for renewable energy in South Australia it will require the Olympic Dam expansion to source 100% of its new energy from renewables, including a solar thermal plant in the State’s North,” he said.

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