RungePincockMinarco launches new mine scheduling software

RPM has released the latest version of XACT, its short term mine scheduling application.

The company said its latest version, XACT 1.8, focuses on usability and integration to ensure planners can spend more time getting right the best schedule for the mine.

“In XACT 1.8 there is a real focus on the user experience,” Paul Beesley, Chief Technology Officer at RungePincockMinarco, explained.

“Take the XACT Gantt chart for example, which is the heart of the application. XACT 1.8 sees a number of new features added to the user interface to make this tool even more spatially aware and intelligent. This is a key difference between XACT and other applications, particularly tools like Excel and Project which have no spatial connection which is critical to short term planning success.”

The new release also has a much greater level of integration with Maptek’s geological design application Vulcan.

“This is the integration of the two market leaders in this space. Vulcan is used acrosscommodities around the world, as is XACT. Users have been asking for a more seamless integration of these two leading products and with XACT 1.8 we have delivered this for them,” Beesly said.

XACT has also expanded its workgroups functionality, allowing multiple users to work on the same planning model at the same time across an operation.

“The ability to tear down the planning silos and allow planners across production departments to work collaboratively on the same model has seen a major impact on productivity but more importantly, better short term plans being produced.In XACT 1.8, we have expanded this functionally introducing more features designed to make planning collaboration seamless.”

It also reaches across other software, interacting with other medium and long term scheduling applications such as RPM’s XPAC.

“It’s no secret that to get the best planning results, you need to have a seamless flow across your planning horizons. This deeper integration ensures our clients can use the functionality that has been specifically designed for the horizon they work in, but without doing so in isolation and sacrificing planning collaboration.”

RPM added that this version is the first to move short term planning into the enterprise.

“Utilising standard SAP production management, XACT for Enterprise integrates marketing,maintenance and production planning seamlessly. Extending this integration to include fleet management systems, XACT for Enterprise enables all mining functions to finally use a single source of the truth across the enterprise and allow deep analysis of plan and actual production, per shift and per machine,” it said.

“This integration delivers a real evolution to the way in which planners interact with the entire mining operation and introduces an entire new level of collaboration across departments.” 

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