RPMGlobal unveils design solution for intelligent mining suite

RPMGlobal plans to expand its Intelligent Mining (IM) suite with the launch of an Intelligent Design (ID) solution that takes advantage of up-to-date enterprise technology for mining.

Chief executive officer and managing director Richard Mathews said the ID solution was a newly-built software solution that would approach mine design “with a clean slate” to overcome issues of interoperability faced by sites using third party technologies.

“RPM has to this point elected not to develop its own mine design software and instead focused on ‘open integration’ with other third-party design applications,” Mathews explained. 

“This approach was built on the assumption that third-party vendors would allow the free flow of data between applications and across the enterprise.”

The company’s experience with third-party mine design providers has allowed the company to identify key issues being faced by mine engineers using traditional solutions that are often built on the same underlying code base.

Mathews said RPM intended for its solution to be fully open, agile and interoperable while also using the latest technologies.

“Our goal with this new product suite is to address these key issues in a user-friendly and technically advanced manner. We will, of course, continue to work closely with the established third party mine design software vendors and promote open standards with the intent of offering mining companies a real choice in a plug-and-play enterprise environment,” he said.

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