RPMGlobal launches asset management software for SAP

RPMGlobal has strengthened its partnership with software company SAP by designing a new version of its asset lifecycle costing software AMT to complement SAP’s intelligent asset management offering.

The software, AMT4SAP provides a complementary and connected solution to SAP’s maintenance planning, reliability analysis and optimisation functions, according to RPMGlobal chief executive Richard Mathews.

This is delivered through advanced modelling, maintenance cost budgeting, lifecycle management and component life optimisation.

AMT4SAP will be equipped with over 20 logical business connectors into SAP to support any organisation’s SAP work management solution.

“RPMGlobal and SAP have shared a very strong working partnership for many years and the release of AMT4SAP is testament to that relationship,” Mathews said.

“Miners have complex plant and maintenance needs that AMT4SAP can solve through the creation of a truly holistic approach to asset management. The outcome is long-term performance and cost benefits that positively impact the bottom line.”

At the core of RPMGlobal’s AMT solution is a unique Dynamic Life Cycle Costing (DLCC) engine and inbuilt intelligence engine.

The DLCC takes inputs in real-time from various asset management processes and systems such as on-board monitoring systems, fleet management systems, the mine plan and SAP itself.

The calculation engine then automatically reforecasts future usage, availability, further maintenance costs and future resource requirements.

It does this for every piece of equipment, part and component for the entire life of each asset in real-time.

AMT’s ability to define, track and maintain an asset’s life cycle cost through the DLCC complements SAP’s work management capabilities across work scheduling, strategy definition, resource levelling, downtime capturing and warranty management.

“(AMT4SAP and SAP’s intelligent asset management solutions) have been proven all over the world to work seamlessly to deliver capability far beyond what either solution can provide in isolation,” Mathews said.

AMT4SAP has reduced the time taken to generate a full zero-based maintenance budget from weeks to minutes.

RPMGlobal and SAP have formally partnered since 2013 and have successfully deployed AMT with SAP to global mining organisations.

These deployments include integration between solutions that automate the transfer of data to amplify the decision-making capabilities of these organisations.

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