RPMGlobal key in extending automation standard

RPMGlobal has been pivotal in developing the International Society of Automation (ISA-95) committee’s information exchange profile, essential for the development of mining sector integration scenarios.

ISA-95 is an international standard from ISA for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems.

After recognising the lack of framework for mining technology providers and being approached by mining giant BHP, the ISA-95 committee turned its attention to building a best-practice model for the sector.

The ISA-95 standard has since been adopted by key technology providers, enabling the breakdown of barriers within the industry and across the entire value chain.

The ISA-95 committee’s information exchange profile, which was culminated at the latest meeting, has been officially accepted as part of the global ISA-95 standard.

This follows 18 months of regular meetings and more than three years of transitioning the conceptualisation phase to an approved extension to the standard.

RPMGlobal played a prominent role in building this extension, of which the changes were accepted within the first round of voting with no negative votes.

RPMGlobal chief technology officer and ISA-95 committee member Paul Beesley said this result cemented the company’s position as a respected contributor and leader in mining enterprise integration.

“Having the extension to the standard accepted creates significant value to mining companies as it provides a blueprint for mining software vendors to work together to enable information to seamlessly move between systems,” Beesley said.

“This part of the standard will enable joint development of industry-specific integration scenarios which is especially useful when building off-the-shelf integration between mining technology vendors.

“This extension solves a common problem across many standards, so it’s pleasing to see early interest from other committees in using (this) as reference material to develop similar amendments to their own standards.”

Beesley said that connecting disparate systems to share data and other information had never been more important for the mining industry.

“The ISA-95 standard has helped unlock a standardised communication language for mining technology providers,” he said.

“RPMGlobal is proud to contribute to the progression of the standard for the benefit of everyone in the industry.”

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