RPM to acquire simulation software

RungePincockMinarco will acquire FlexSim Software’s simulation software.

Under the agreement RPM has acquired the right to rebrand, commercialise, and further develop the simulation software for mining and resources.

“The FlexSim software is specfically designed to model processes and contains powerful decision support capabilities which enable users to test any and all options, not just for their impact on the system but to understand the best combination of operational characteristics,” RPM said in a company statement.

The two companies have been working together since early last year, when RPM incorporated FlexSim’s simulation engine into HAULSIM, RPM’s interactive haluage simulation project.

“This [new] acquisition provides RPM with the underlying infrastrcture capability to both extend HAULSIM Desktop project and evelop an Enterprise version of the product,” RPM said.

The simulation engine will also be embedded into the next major release of RPM’s Ultra Short Term mine execution system XECUTE, which will give mine planners the capacity to watcha  full simulation of their plan in an interactive viewer.

RPM managing director Richard Mathews said this takeover is in line with RPM’s development plans.

“This acquisition supports both our enterprise and simulation software strategies,” Mathews said.

“There is no doubt that our products are becoming more competitive and that our focus on moving technical mining products off the desktop and up into enterprise is bearing fruit.”

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