RPM relaunches Open Cut Coal solution software

Runge Pincock Minarco (RPM) announces the relaunch of their Open Cut Coal XPAC Solution (OCCS), which has been completely rebuilt to offer more advanced functionality and address specific challenges of Open Cut Coal mines.

First released in July 2013, OCCS has been completely redesigned by RPM’s development team to provide the enhanced Dynamic Haulage, Product Optimisation and Advanced Destination Scheduler functionalities, delivered on the latest scheduling technology platform shared by RPM’s other XPAC Solution products.

The constantly changing haulage routes in strip mines is a major challenge faced by mine planners, with OCCS’ Dynamic Haulage functionality managing it with ease and sophistication during the course of building the schedule.

RPM’s CEO and Managing Director Richard Mathews explains that the relaunch of the OCCS product is significant because it has been completely rebuilt by their development team from the ground up. With its ability to handle more data and process schedules faster than any other software application in the market, the new release of Open Cut Coal is expected to deliver a more comprehensive, streamlined and user-friendly solution to their customers.

Feature highlights of the relaunched Open Cut Coal XPAC Solution include the Dynamic Haulage functionality that enables mine planners to consider the varying haul routes at each stage of the schedule, ensuring they have the optimal route to get their product from source to destination; Product Optimiser functionality for multi pit management, multi stockpile management, and delivery of multiple products, allowing results to be delivered quickly during the course of running the schedule; and Advanced Destination Scheduler providing scheduling users with a complete picture of the entire mining operation by simultaneously incorporating haulage with the scheduling of sources and destinations within a mining operation.

According to Mr Mathews, RPM pioneered the move into Enterprise Mine Planning, with the OCCS benefitting from their extensive research and development in the area. The Open Cut Coal Solution uses the central Enterprise Planning Framework to leverage the robust master data module allowing greater control and delivering new levels of transparency in planning. Additionally, RPM’s enterprise model repository also ensures that a single source of the truth is used at all times.

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