RPM launches supercharged version of its simulation software

Runge Pincock Minarco (RPM) has launched the latest version of their simulation software, HAULSIM featuring enhancements that simplify haulage simulation for users around the globe. According to the mine haulage simulation solutions specialist, the development of HAULSIM 2.0 was based on feedback received from their global user base.

RPM Product Manager, Adam Price explained that feedback from their customers indicated they wanted more from the solution. The development team worked with the customers to deliver a supercharged version of HAULSIM offering best-in-class simulation features for complete optimisation of mine haulage fleets.

Key improvements made to the software’s innovative 3D user interface have simplified haulage simulation with new features including in-built pivot grid reporting and the ability to add, remove and edit roads and locations directly in the 3D scene. New features in the user interface also include enhancements to the navigator, now with extra validation steps helping guide users through the model construction process.

HAULSIM 2.0 also incorporates enhancements made to the functionality of the software such as the ability to reassign trucks, depending on the stoppage event; and complete enterprise enablement allowing users to also have access to model repository functionality to manage version control and multiple scenario models through RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework.

Users simulating mine haulage can control uncertainty, optimise outcomes and reduce operating expenditure more easily than ever before. RPM’s recent case study series reported significant savings on capital expenditure for their HAULSIM clients.

Apart from being able to bring simulation in-house and identify congestion and other areas of improvement quickly and easily, users can also build models and generate simulations rapidly, allowing them to explore multiple scenarios at any given time. 

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