RPM launches mining financial modelling software

Runge Pincock Minarco announces the release of the latest version of its enterprise financial modelling product, XERAS Enterprise with several new innovative features allowing users to gain greater insight into their financial plans.

RPM’s XERAS Enterprise 1.2 builds on the successful XERAS Enterprise launched in 2015 by offering customers detailed analysis of changes between versions of their mine plan, and powerful value driver analysis.

The new reviewer mode, for instance, in XERAS Enterprise 1.2 features sensitivity analysis and plan version comparison using a graphical bridge/waterfall diagram visualisation to provide customers rapid visibility into the key value drivers of their business.

Some of the important functional benefits of XERAS Enterprise 1.2 include increased visibility of data; ability to rapidly make changes to underlying assumptions to review the impact on the business’ key performance indicators; systematic comparison of two versions of the plan; and ability to quickly and easily turn financial data into information allowing users to truly optimise mine performance.

XERAS Enterprise Product Manager Darren Rostron explains that new innovations in the XERAS Enterprise 1.2 release have been introduced to provide customers with the right information quickly, allowing them significantly more time for analysis, which will help with continuous improvement of their business.

He added that rapid and simple evaluation of financial plans enabled by XERAS Enterprise provides the next level of visibility, consistency and control in budgeting and re-forecasting for their clients.

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