RPM launches improved mine simulation software

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has released the Haulsim 2.3 mine simulation software, and provided live demonstrations of the system at this year’s 2017 SME annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

Version 2.3 enables users to produce more comprehensive and extended reports through detailed Pivot Grid reporting in the experimenter. This provides the end user greater visibility and advanced analytics of the direct impact of equipment changes to the bottom line.

Simulation product manager, Adam Price, said, “Most haulage software does a calculation where as Haulsim does a full discrete event simulation.

“Having a discrete event simulation engine at its core means that Haulsim works differently from other ‘deterministic’ mine haulage modelling tools. With this release, users can easily identify queuing and vehicle interactions as a result of more complex reporting capabilities.”

The system’s reporting enhancement was developed in partnership with the RPM consulting group and has already been used to help identify bottlenecks at a number of mine sites.

Additional features of the system include improvements to ‘grouping’ functionality. Changes made to the way that equipment is grouped makes it quicker and easier to quantify the impact operational decisions like ‘hot-seating’ and ‘staggering start times’.

Another enhanced feature is an updated equipment library. The Haulsim equipment library contains the latest in published data, enabling users to draw upon the most up to date equipment information directly from manufacturers to calculate the speeds that equipment travel in the model.

Leveraging industry leading simulation technology, the system integrates real-world data to empower users to optimise its mine fleet outcomes.

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