RPM acquires rights to Fewzion software platform

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has agreed to acquire a copy of the source code and intellectual property rights of Fewzion’s short interval control (SIC) and work management software product.

Under the agreement, RPM will acquire the non-exclusive right to rebrand, commercialise and further Fewzion’s software platform, which has been designed for planning and managing frontline work.

According to RPM, the platform “replaces old fashioned spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper-based tools with a modern, easy-to-use integrated management system and short interval control toolkit.”

The system integrates planning tools and enables frontline workers to plan and track progress to ensure goals are met in a transparent and consistent way.

RPM chief executive officer Richard Mathews said the acquisition was a continuation of the company’s drive to provide mining companies with the productivity tools they need to reduce costs while enabling data to flow freely between applications for users.

“The original idea of breaking a shift down into short intervals which can be measured and proactively take actions to achieve better outcomes started in the manufacturing industry back in the 1990s,” Mathews said.

“SIC is a process for driving production improvements during the shift. Each shift is split into short intervals of time, within which employees use real time data to identify and implement improvement actions. These improvement actions may be countermeasures to ongoing or emerging problems, or they may be actions to improve existing production.”

Mathews said SIC was an extension of the daily production meeting for the mining industry.

“The underlying principle is ‘we cannot change the past; however, we can learn from it to improve the future,’” Mathews explained.

“SIC accelerates the pace of improvement and puts more responsibility into the hands of operators and other employees. SIC is very engaging for operational teams, as it provides them with a greater degree of autonomy and responsibility for how equipment runs, and it provides instant feedback through visible and measurable results.”

Fewzion, an Australian company based in Newcastle, New South Wales, will continue to support RPM in the ongoing development of the system.

“The Fewzion product is a logical extension of RPM’s short-term production planning, maintenance planning and enterprise planning solutions,” Fewzion director Paul Moynagh added.

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