Roy Hill under safety concern scrutiny

Safety concerns have again brought the Roy Hill project to the attention of WA safety regulators.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has issued improvement notices to the project management for breaches of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act.

DMP state mining engineer Andrew Chaplyn said the department had issued four improvement notices for the Roy Hill project since March 2015.

Two notices were issued on 4 June for "safety in a dry storage area and unsecured door on electrical cabinet", while another two were issued on 3 July for "use of elevated work platforms and open holes in elevated workplaces".

"The department will continue to work with the company to ensure the final construction stages of the project are completed safely," Chaplyn said.

A statement from Roy Hill said Samsung C&T and its contractors had “responded immediately to the situation to continue to maintain a safe system of work for all employees on the project”.

"Roy Hill continues to work with Samsung and its contractors to provide a safe work environment."

Safety breaches in 2014 from a spate of incidents at Roy Hill resulted in prohibition notices issued by the DMP in relation to incidents which involved cranes and EWPs.

Days after those notices were issued a crane tipped over during commissioning and testing procedures.

At the time of the crane accident a team of specialist DMP safety inspectors had already been scheduled to travel to Roy Hill in late January to audit the management systems for high-risk activities at the site,

Then in February another accident occurred in which supporting jacks failed while lifting a plant module.

Roy Hill chief executive Barry Fitzgerald said there had been "serious issues" relating to safe lifting and crane operations undertaken by head contractor Samsung C&T and Leighton Construction at the processing plant construction site.

Fitzgerald said the situation was not acceptable and "a step change" in lifting operations was being sought.

The Roy Hill project is now more than 86 per cent complete and on schedule for completion in September.

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