Roy Hill locks in five-year contract with K2fly

Roy Hill

Mining at Roy Hill.

Roy Hill has handed K2fly a contract to deliver a mining technical assurance suite at its namesake iron ore operation in Western Australia.

The suite is part of K2fly’s SATEVA acquisition and involves model management, automated ore blocking and mine geology data management.

According to K2fly, the suite can improve short-term scheduling and excavation of Roy Hill’s ore body.

K2fly is also expecting improvements in grade recovery and excavation efficiency to add further value to the mine.

K2fly chief executive officer Brian Miller welcomed the new five-year contract which is valued at $2.44 million.

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Roy Hill across the technical assurance suite and are very excited by the opportunities for both companies that will come from this contract and further solution collaborations. Roy Hill and its management have been a great partner to SATEVA and now K2fly,” he said.

K2fly will deliver the technology to the Roy Hill operation, which is the largest single iron ore mine in Australia.

Roy Hill is chaired by Gina Rinehart and operates independently, producing more than 60 million tonnes of iron ore per year.

The operation has also received approval to mine up to 70 million tonnes per annum.

K2fly stated the contract has marked a “significant expansion” in its relationship with Roy Hill, as the miner previously collaborated with SATEVA prior to the acquisition.

Roy Hill signed a contract with Aqura to develop a 4G mobile network at its iron ore operation last week.

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