Rockwell Automation launches Industry 4.0-focused customer centre in Melbourne

Rockwell Automation has launched a customer experience centre (CEC) in Australia to inspire businesses with automation technology.

The Melbourne-based CEC is the company’s first customer experience centre in Australia, built to help businesses exploit the nation’s automation potential which could be worth $1.2 trillion to the economy by 2030, according to statistics from consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

The CEC launch follows the opening of Rockwell’s Customer Briefing and Competency Centre (CBCC) in Singapore in April last year.

Rockwell business manager for architecture and software Adrian Giecco said automation could help companies unlock new business models, improve productivity and add substantial value to products and services.

“In Australia we’re seeing a growing number of pilot projects around industrial Internet of Things (IoT), but the majority of businesses are still trying to figure out how to apply it on a large scale,” Giecco said.

“A lot remains on the table. For those who can identify meaningful ways to apply these technologies in their environment, the opportunities for value creation are enormous.”

Rockwell’s team of experts will attend the Melbourne CEC to demonstrate the benefits of ‘the connected enterprise’ based on the company’s real work with clients.

“The Customer Experience Centre will bring to life the ways that businesses in Australia and New Zealand can ride this wave known as Industry 4.0,” Rockwell technical engagement manager for South Pacific and customer experience lead Gordon Bartlett said.

“Rather than a product-centric approach, the purpose of the Customer Experience Centre is to generate discussion and ideas.”

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