Roadshow to showcase mining jobs for indigenous Australians


Today’s Gidarjil Roadshow in Bundaberg promise to be a good opportunity for local indigenous people to learn about employment in the state’s booming energy sector.

As NewsMail reports, the roadshow also aims to develop an accurate database of the skills of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from this region.

Energy Skills Queensland has formed a partnership with the Gidarjil Development Corporation to conduct an Indigenous Skills Survey.

The aim of the project is to eventually have potential employees’ contact details on hand and to be able to focus training programs to specific groups and regions.

The potential of employment within the mining sector to help lift members of indigenous communities out of poverty is well documented, so programs like this are always welcome.

Gidarjil managing director Kerry Blackman said the database will help match job seekers with appropriate training and, in the longer term, help them find employment.

"The survey will provide indigenous people in the Wide Bay/Burnett more chance of being matched with viable, long-term jobs," he said.

Apart from the Indigenous Skills Survey, the event will also showcase opportunities in the areas of indigenous arts, language and culture.

The CQ/Wide Bay Indigenous Arts Development officer and a representative from the CQ Language Centre will be present to answer questions, provide information, and help prospective employees.

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