Rio to cut jobs at Gove aluminium mine

Rio Tinto is cutting jobs and costs at its Gove aluminium operations in the Northern Territory.

It comes as Rio is slashing costs and jobs right across all of its Australian operations.

To date it has cut jobs at its Argyle diamond mine, slashed job across its Bowen Basin coal mines, and at its offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Now it is following suit at its Pacific Aluminium subsidiary mine and smelter on the Gove Peninsula, according to the ABC.

Frank Willsdon, Pacific's general manager, explained that Rio is looking at ways to operate the site with fewer people.

"Steadily over time, we [want to] reduce the manning levels both on our own employee side and also on the contractor side," he said.

However Willsdon clarified that there will be no forced redundancies.

When people choose to leave of their own free will, they do," he said.

"Then we selectively think, 'do we need to replace them, because we need their specialist skills, or could somebody else on site (do it), or could we work in a smarter way?'."

Gove has previously been pointed out as a loss making operation by Rio CEO Tom Albanese.

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