Rio Tinto offers exploration technology to junior miners

Rio Tinto has announced that laser mineral analysis technology developed by geoscientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Ore Deposit Science (CODES) over the last decade will be offered to junior explorers for free.

The technology, developed by a team of geoscientists led by Professors David Cooke and Bruce Gemmell at the University of Tasmania, was supported by AMIRA International research projects. Rio Tinto was one of the companies that helped finance the research.

Rio adapted the technology for their Bundoora Research laboratories in Melbourne, and have been testing it on their own mineral projects for the last two years.

The technology uses the changes in the concentration of trace elements in minerals to define the location of buried ore deposits. The technique has been tested by the CODES research team on many major deposits world-wide and shown to have a very high success rate for discovery.

“The fact that Rio, one of the largest global miners, has comprehensively adopted the technology for their exploration programs and is now proposing to use this to assist junior companies to discover the next major ore deposit is testimony to the high quality and industry relevant research carried out at University of Tasmania,” Professor Bruce Gemmell, the director of CODES, said.

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