Rio Tinto closes office, slashes jobs

Rio Tinto has closed its Sydney office and cut jobs in Melbourne as it carries out its plans to cut costs.

Last month the global miner announced that it would cut support and services world wide, with Tom Albanese stating that it would cut costs by around 10%.

It stated that these cutbacks will be focused on administrative and office roles rather than on the mines themselves.

However this announcement came only weeks after Rio Tinto unveiled its plans to begin construction of its new office block in Perth.

To date Rio has already cut administrative and office jobs at its Clermont coal mine in Queensland, and now it has closed the Sydney office, cut jobs in Melbourne, and will be transferring some workers to Perth, according to The Australian.

An internal email stated that while Melbourne will remain the head office for Rio in Australia, it will be scaled back.

It went on to explain that although it will be shutting the Sydney office and laying off 30 workers, adding that any future presence in Sydney will be through leased, rather than owned, offices.

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