Rio Tinto announces its support of ‘Recognise’ campaign

Rio Tinto has announced its support for Constitutional Recognition and the ‘Recognise’ campaign.

Iron Ore and Australia chief executive Andrew Harding said the Recognise campaign is an opportunity to reflect on why it is important to recognise the long history of Indigenous people in Australia.

“Rio Tinto wants to be a part of this important discussion and to help build a better public understanding of the importance of constitutional recognition,” Harding said.

“It is time to recognise Indigenous Australians as the first inhabitants of Australia in our Constitution, to acknowledge the first chapter of our nation’s history.”

Recognise joint campaign director Tanya Hosch welcomed Rio’s support.  

“We are very pleased to see Rio Tinto show its support for the intention of the Recognise campaign.” Hosch said.

“I hope it inspires others to declare their formal support as well.

“Across every part of society, we need to see this sort of leadership – with people and institutions taking responsibility to support a step forward that will be good for the country and which reflects those values of recognition, respect and ensuring there is no place for discrimination.”

Rio’s support comes after BHP announced last month it was also getting behind the Recognise campaign.

The Recognise movement is aimed at raising awareness of the need to end the exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the Australian Constitution and deal with racial discrimination in it.

 To join the campaign, click here;

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