Rinehart House of Hancock legal action

Hancock Prospecting chairman Gina Rinehart has launched
legal action against Channel Nine in order to seek access to the next episode
of ‘House of Hancock’.

Rinehart’s case has been listed in Sydney’s Supreme Court this
morning and will go before Justice Peter Garling.

Rinehart has sought access to the ‘television drama event’
scheduled next Sunday, in order to see if there are any “defamatory imputations”.

Early this week Hancock Prospecting executive director Tad Watroba criticised the Nine Network for broadcasting scenes, which depicted the
relationship been Laing Hancock and daughter Gina Rinehart, which were “fictitious,
unfounded or grossly distorted, and some simply never occurred”.

“Since starting promotion of the show, Channel 9 has not
bothered to fact-check anything despite repeated offers when people have
pointed out mistakes,” Watroba said.

“Sadly Channel 9 has seemingly gone out of its way to cause
undue damage and upset to those currently living and the memory of those no
longer with us.”

Australian Mining
contacted the Nine Network to find out if the program was intended to be a
fictionalisation of events, however a spokeswoman said the network would not
comment on the matter.

The episode set to screen next Sunday will depict the death
of Laing Hancock and subsequent legal battle between Rinehart and Rose Porteous, as well as later disputes between Rinehart and her children.

Image: The Australian

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