Rinehart hits back: show us your workers

Gina Rinehart's Roy Hill Holdings has sent a letter to Illawarra MP Stephen Jones asking for the contact details of any suitable workers for their Pilbara project.

After announcing plans to import 1,700 foreign workers, Jones wrote to Roy Hill and asked officials to come to the Illawarra to find jobseekers.

Last week Roy Hill CEO Barry Fitzgerald signed a response on behalf of Rinehart asking Jones to send the name and number of any relevant worker.

"Should you believe any of your constituents wouldn’t mind the Pilbara conditions, please could you or your office or community leaders advise their contact details?" the letter read.

"I can advise that we will commence an advertising campaign in the near future and your suggestion of an information and recruiting campaign in the Illawarra will be considered."

"We note our project is still subject to obtaining debt finance before major undertakings, and as such the bulk of the construction opportunities will become available in 2013 and 2014, but there may be some smaller opportunities before then."

"Our operations are planned to commence in late 2014."

In the letter Fitzgerald also made reference to comments from other MPs.

"We heard from a Member of Parliament in the north of Queensland that he had people willing to work, and requested their contact details but never received," it said.

"We were hoping to get these especially as they were people acclimatised to both the remoteness and working in hot conditions etc."

AAP reports secretary of the South Coast Labour Council Arthur Rorris said while he welcomed the work offer he would "prefer our workers to develop their skills and be employed in our region".

Rorris also said the fly-in fly-out nature of work on Rinehart's Pilbara mine might be attractive to younger people but would not suit other workers.

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