Rig-Mate lever hoists recalled

Noble & Son has detected an issue with some of its 1.5 tonne Rig-Mate lever hoists.

Noble & Son has detected an issue with some of its 1.5 tonne Rig-Mate lever hoists.

The problem was identified under proof load testing conditions and was evident in both the vertical and horizontal positions.

The slack end of the load chain was jamming against the striper and bottom load bolt.

Affected batches include all 120 units received 20/12/2007 with serial numbers 720153 — 720272.

Also affected are 200 units received 20/03/2008 with serial numbers 750483 — 750682.

Queensland’s Department of Mines and Energy (DME) warned all customers who have purchased a 1.5 tonne lever hoist to immediately stop using the product and to contact their Noble representative as a matter of urgency.

According to the product recall alert issued by Queensland’s DME, there have been instances particularly with lighter loads, where the chain has popped out when it contacts the stripper.

Although unlikely, it is possible this jamming could result in a dangerous condition if the operator continues to lever the handle when the chain is jammed.

Continued levering will almost certainly distort the stripper and it may be possible to bend or distort the load chain as well. Bent or distorted load chain could result in load chain failure.

This problem applies to two batches of 1.5 tonne Rig-Mate lever hoists only.

There is no problem with other Rig-Mate products or other batches of 1.5 tonne Rig-Mate lever hoists.

Mark Moffat

Inspector of Mines

07 4967 0865


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