Rhonda takes on Gina Rinehart in new telemovie

Mandy McElhinney, the actress best known as Rhonda on the AAMI commercials, will take on her largest role to date in the upcoming telemovie House of Hancock.

The producers have finalised casting, with the lovable redhead dying down to brown and taking the lead role as scion of the Hancock empire Gina Rinehart.

The film will focus on the dispute between Hancock and her father Lang after marriage to his former maid Rose.

Rhinehart was recently listed by BRW as the richest person in Australia, with an estimated value of $20.1 billion.

In March Rinehart was rated second richest mining billionaire in the world by Forbes magazine, although their assessment valued her at $17.7 billion.

 The $10 billion Roy Hill project was lauded as halfway to completion in June of this year, and employs more than 3500 people.

Image: heraldsun

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