Resource exports fuel national increase

Australia recorded increased exports in nearly every state and territory in 2009.

The value of Australian exports rose 22.6% to $283.8 billion in 2009, driven largely by the country’s resource sector.

According to numbers released in Australia’s Trade by State and Territory 2008-09, nearly all states recorded a jump in exports, with Tasmania and South Australia the only ones not posting an increase.

Queensland recorded the largest increase, with a rise in exports of 48.3% to $65.5 billion, due in large part to its coal industry, which saw a 130.1% spike in exports.

The country’s mining capital Western Australia was again the leading export earner with exports rising 24% to $92.1 billion on the back of high prices for iron ore and gold.

WA’s iron ore exports rose 67.5% to $33.5 billion, while gold was up 40.2% to $16.8 billion.

“Strong commodity prices, demand from China and Australia’s diversified trade base were factors in the resilient performance of the nation’s exporters in the face of the global economic crisis,” Federal Trade Minister Simon Crean said.

New South Wales was third on the list with exports totalling $60.4 billion, up 19.9% on 2008, with coal exports up 110.7% to $12.9 billion.

Victoria’s exports rose 1.8% to $33.1 billion, the Northern Territory was up 32.7% to $7.1 billion, and the ACT rose 5.7% to $1 billion.

Tasmania’s $3.9 billion in exports was a decrease of 4.3%, with South Australia’s recording a 6.4% drop to $11.5 billion.

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