Resisting wear with compressed air

One company has developed a conveyor that increases wear resistance by using compressed air.

How a machine wears while it is in use is of vital importance to its life span.

The better the wear resistance the longer the life.

Exair Corporation, represented in Australia by Compressed Air Australia, recently introduced the Heavy Duty

Threaded Line Vac Conveyor, specifi­cally designed with wear resistance in mind.

According to Compressed Air Aus­tralia director June Lindsay-Lorman, the Line Vac converts ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system made with materials designed to resist corrosion and premature wear.

“The Line Vac is made from Grade 4140 high alloy steel with Nitride heat treating, which greatly increases its wear resistance,” she told Australian Mining.

“This hardened alloy construction helps prevent wear that could occur with ordinary aluminium or stainless steel and allows the conveyor to be used in various types of rugged industrial applications.”

The Line Vac ejects a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles to produce a vacuum on one end, with high output flows on the other end.

The conveying rate can be controlled using a pressure regulator on the supply of compressed air. No moving parts or electricity is designed to assure main­tenance free operation.

“The jets of air are able to draw materials in and accelerate it through the inlet for conveying over longer ver­tical or horizontal distances,” Lindsay-Lorman said.

According to Lindsay-Lorman, the Heavy Duty Line Vac Conveyor is able to convey material at much greater lengths than usual.

“They have done tests and the ­conveyor is able to convey up to 200 feet, which is around 60 metres,” she


“It is probably the most powerful unit that we have available in the air conveyor range and typically does around twice the amount of a normal air powered conveyor.”

The Heavy Duty Line Vac comes in five sizes up to the 51 mm standard plumbing size, which is designed to make it easier to build a complete con­veying system.

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