Resin firing nozzle

THE Trajectaflex Resin Firing Nozzle is a steel nozzle designed to shoot a two pack synthetic resin capsule into a pre drilled bolt hole for resin set bolting

A South Australian based company has developed a steel nozzle that shoots a two pack synthetic resin capsule into a pre-drilled bolt hole for resin set bolting. It comprises a tension spring with an adaptor at each end, a nylon inner tube and an exchangeable tip with air exhaust slots.

The product is fixed at the end of the jumbo rail to an independent slide, allowing it to be extended and retracted past the end of the jumbo boom.

Resin capsules are loaded into a manifold at the operator’s platform. The capsules are then shot with air pressure via a delivery line along the jumbo boom, and pass through the nozzle, and up the pre-drilled hole. With a dual boom development jumbo, the bolt hole can be drilled with one boom while the other boom inserts the resin and the bolt.

N Michael Williams

Wilco Technologies

08 86278055

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