Renewed confidence in Hunter Valley coal industry

The planned large rail terminal and business park in the industrial area of Rutherford are currently under environmental investigations.

The NSW Government has issued its environmental assessment requirements for the project, which is worth around $50 million.

Lycopodium Rail is proposing to construct a facility including a rail-yard and maintenance facilities.

An environmental impact statement (EIS) will have to provide worst-case predicted air pollution levels and identify the impact of pollutants on human health.

According to Lycopodium Rail managing director Stuart Sutherland, there has been a high amount of confidence in the Hunter Valley’s coal future.

“The Hunter Valley is the largest coal railway network in the world. We’re looking to get the planning done ahead of when the real demand comes for additional rail services. We’re confident about the Hunter Valley and where it’s going,” Sutherland said.

“We believe there’s a gap in the market and so that’s what we’re targeting this facility for. It’s really for additional requirements for rolling stock maintenance.”

A preliminary environmental assessment indicated would require the clearing of 2.5 hectares of bush, including the endangered Lower Hunter and Seaham Spotted Gum Ironbark forest.

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