Remote robotic mining system with collision avoidance wins award

Transmin has won the innovation category at the WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards.

WA-based Transmin’s Rocklogic robotic mining system utilises collision avoidance technology and remote control programming.

With the Rocklogic system, mining operators can stop rock-breaking equipment in remote mines from colliding. Operators control several rock breakers at different mines without having to go onsite.

The system monitors the position and movements of the robotic rock breaker arms via sensors as they smash large rocks into smaller pieces. This information is augmented with a virtual model of the mine site, which is derived from CAD data or via a laser scan.

Large pieces of mining equipment can sometimes be positioned within range of each other, and preventing collision is critical to both safety and productivity.

Transmin engineers used expertise from the collision avoidance, prevention and driver assistance systems found in the automotive industry and applied it to the issue.

This story orginally appeared on Electronics News.

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