REMA TIP TOP underpins future focus with apprenticeship scheme

The 2019–2024 Mining Workforce report released by the Australian resources and energy group, AMMA, predicts that the mining industry in Australia will require approximately 21,000 new employees by 2024 to keep up with the demand for future mining projects.

REMA TIP TOP has identified this shortage. Through its own registered training organisation, WILA, known as the REMA TIP TOP Academy, it is equipping the next generation of the workforce by providing the training required to upskill trainees into specialised tradespeople with the best practice skills and safety knowledge. 

After a lengthy lobbying process with the Western Australian Government, the REMA TIP TOP Academy is now able to offer an apprenticeship scheme, opening up additional career pathways for young Australians.

Lasting longer than traineeships, the apprenticeships give students the opportunity to develop their skills and progress their careers.

WILA chief executive Allan Warren said, “We are delighted that the Western Australian government has seen fit to recognise this training, which will enable us to provide a career pathway for young West Australians through the apprenticeship scheme.

“Our focus is ensuring we provide continuous career development with the best practices skills and safety knowledge.

“The ability to now deliver recognised trade qualifications in Western Australia is a significant step forward. We’ll continue to lobby state bodies until we can provide this pathway nation-wide.”

The REMA TIP TOP Academy represents to company’s future focused vision to create a sustainable workforce, not only for the company, but also for the broader mining sector.

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