Reliable Equipment & Parts the Key to Longer Living Machines

The mining, manufacturing and quarrying industries put their workers and equipment through some of the toughest conditions on the planet. From extreme temperatures to heavy machinery, sharp objects, oil, dust and other hazardous chemicals, critical equipment and parts are well and truly put through their paces.

As if to add salt to the wound, the mining, manufacturing and quarrying industries are being hard pressed to keep costs to a minimum while at the very least maintaining operational efficiencies and productivity. As a result, outlay on necessary equipment such as conveying, crushing and screening parts can take a back seat – at the cost of potentially larger and debilitating costs further down the line.

No matter what the application, using poorly manufactured parts can greatly reduce the life of the part. Lost production and downtime are the immediate results of having to change out worn parts, but if worn parts are not replaced when they should be, businesses run the risk of crippling their equipment with much more expensive damage, putting themselves at risk of falling into a self-destructive cycle of downtime and ensuing lost production.

By getting longer life out of wear parts, businesses will see improvements in production rates and net operating profits. The higher the quality of the parts, the more reliable and long-lasting they’ll be – a win-win situation for the supplier’s reputation, and the productivity of equipment and parts for companies.

Reliable, one-stop-shop solutions

QMS PARTS is a supplier of quality spare parts for all types of crushers, vibrating screens and conveying systems.  As a subsidiary of Australia’s Striker Crushing & Screening, they only sell genuine spare parts and are the sole supplier of Striker parts in Australia.

QMS PARTS supplies a full range of spare parts for all Striker products and other brands of crushing, screening and conveying equipment. QMS PARTS can also provide a full range of longer lasting manganese wear parts for all makes and models of crushers in Australia – providing greater production rates and longer life.

Using quality parts from QMS PARTS can save companies money due to an extended life, delivering more value through higher productivity levels and reduced downtime over a longer period of time.

While quality is the number one priority of clients, competitive price, and fast delivery times are also highly valued.  QMS PARTS ensure all 3 of these elements, as well as a 5 year structural warranty.

QMS PARTS operate a 24 hour 7 day a week service to all customers along with a highly qualified labour hire business that will assist clients in servicing their machines and replacing worn parts. With the provision of quality parts as well as after-sales support services, clients have a one-stop-shop at hand.

For more information on QMS PARTS, the exclusive supplier of Striker Crushing & Screening genuine spare parts, download their whitepaper.

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