Reliable compressed air for mining operations

Rotary screw compressors are a good choice for mining operations. And the rental option is a good way to source them.

Compressors are an important fixture on mining sites. They perform many functions, including powering pneumatic equipment like drills, pumps, and ventilation fans; providing refuge bays with a reliable source of air; and more.

Atlas Copco Rental’s range of rotary screw compressors are built to stringent specifications and are durable enough to handle the harsh operating environments of Australian mine sites.

They deliver innovations in the areas of after coolers, high-performance energy efficient diesel or electric driven motors, filtration systems, and state-of-the-art airends; all feature intuitive user-friendly interfaces to simplify operation.

The range of XA, XR and GA compressors are suitable for both high and low pressure applications; additional you can rent high efficiency dryers and filtration to ensure premium quality air when and where it’s required; Atlas Copco can recommended compressors for applications requiring an air pressure of 8 and 25 bar or boosters for higher pressures.

All compressors in the range are available for rental. This is a smart option for miners because it gives them the flexibility to have the unit’s on-hand only when and where they need them; and it means that capital can be saved for use in other areas.

Unlike buying, rental comes with the benefit of free maintenance. This not only saves maintenance costs but also eliminates the need for mechanics, spare parts inventories and dedicated workshops.

Mining operations which rent compressors can rely upon the fact that, if their equipment breaks down, it will be repaired quickly and with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. And, in terms of costs, everything is covered in one monthly invoice.

Atlas Copco Rental works on a ‘total solution concept’. In other words, the company is committed to delivering the right solution for each individual project. Their experts work with customers to identify their compressed air requirements and to advise them on what equipment and related accessories would best suit them.

Once a plan is agreed upon, everything else – logistical services, transport of equipment, installations, and commissioning – is handled by Atlas Copco Rental.

And they can also provide miners with energy management solutions to help maximise on-site efficiency and productivity. So, when all is said and done, they can get on with the business of mining.

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