Release FIFO inquiry quickly: Doctors

WA Doctors say the Federal Government should produce an interim report on its fly-in fly-out inquiry so communities can deal with FIFO workers before the boom ends.

The FIFO inquiry was launched a year ago and visited most major mining regions in Australia.

It heard from doctors, mining companies, community members and a range of other stakeholders on how workers, businesses and towns could best manage FIFO.

ABC News reports Australian Medical Association Western Australia president Richard Choong said communities needed to know the inquiry's findings because they were already struggling.

"Those towns out in the rural countries and in the North West they're struggling at the moment to manage this FIFO workforce and we need to know what the issues are and how they can be planned and appropriately funded and supported."

According to The West Australian Choong also said findings needed to be released because the mining industry was starting to decline.

"It might be a bit tongue-in-cheek but the mining boom will be over and we'll be in dire straits by the time this report is out," he said.

The parliamentary committee is expected to table the first report in February.

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