Redundancies for Olympic Dam support staff

BHP will drop 140 positions from their Olympic Dam operation, in a round of redundancies said to help increase efficiency.

Australian Mining understands the positions affected are Adelaide-based support roles, for which BHP will offer redundancy packages in excess of the Fair Work Act requirements, and redeployment options.

A spokesperson for BHP said employees would be kept informed throughout the redundancy process.

“The review has been completed for the support functions of our business, and affected employees are being consulted about proposed redundancies,” the spokesperson said.

“The review of operational areas is continuing.

“At Olympic Dam, we continue to simplify our business to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible.

“All areas of the operation, including labour productivity are being examined and we expect there will be some workforce reductions.

“When these are known we will communicate with our employees who are affected quickly and respectfully.

BHP did not confirm the time frame for the redundancies.

Last week BHP announced its primary mill went back online after a breakdown in January necessitated unscheduled maintenance.

Image: The Australian

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