Reduced downtime with simplified maintenance features

Image: Total Rockbreaking.

Using the right attachment for the task is not only safer, it helps you reduce downtime, lower operating and lifetime ownership costs.

Rammer demolition tool attachments have been developed to provide greater versatility, improved wear resistance and simplified maintenance.

Scrap shears’ cutting blades have four usable sides that can be reversed

The Rammer scrap shears feature a speed valve for improved cycle times and a smart jaw design that allows material to fall away from the cutting area, enhancing performance and increasing uptime. A double guide helps ensure excellent cutting jaw alignment for better cutting delivering lower ownership and operating costs.

A central pin adjustment system also helps prevent jaw deviation to maintain maximum cutting performance. This system is also proven to reduce operating costs by minimising the amount of material struck between the jaws. To further minimise ownership and operating costs, each unit features cutting blades that have four usable sides that can be reversed. Tips can be replaced without welding to maintain high productivity levels.

Rotating pulverizers – simplified maintenance on-site

Rammer rotating pulverizers have a full hydraulic rotation that facilitates more precise alignment and a speed valve system reduces cycle and helps reduce stress on the hydraulic components, extending their life and reducing ownership costs.

Pulverisers’ jaws are designed to allow crushed material to fall away from the crushing area, reducing clogging, minimising maintenance and increasing productivity.

With easy access to key components and ability to change cutting blades and wear parts on-site without special tooling will reduce unnecessary downtime.

In Australia, customers are supported by an independent network of highly experienced Rammer dealers and are also supported after their purchase with industry leading warranties. Contact details on

  • VIC/TAS: Walkers Hammers
  • NSW: Ground Tec Equipment
  • WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions
  • QLD: QLD Rock Breakers
  • SA/NT: Renex Equipment

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