Redpath launch coal division

 Mining contractor Redpath has launched a dedicated Australian coal mining division.

This announcement coincides with Redpath Australia’s first coal mining contract following its work on the Kestrel Mine Extension (KME) project near Emerald, Queensland.

Rob Nichols, Redpath Australia’s chief, explained that "developing a dedicated coal mining operation has been a long term goal for Redpath.

"We have already trialled some exciting innovations at the KME project to great success, and we look forward to driving new thoughts and ideas into the coal sector."

One of the new innovations Redpath has developed is sliding floor technology, which uses hydraulic rams to move the floor in a caterpillar like sequence to allow it to act as a base for the bridge conveyor and ventilation duct installation and extensions systems.

"We developed the sliding floor specifically for the KME project and it is just one example of the innovative new direction we are looking to take the company," Nichols said.

This latest coal contract requires around 12.5 kilometres of coal drivage mining to be carried out over two years – 180 metres per week.


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