Redpath brings smallest raise drill to Australia

Redpath has developed the lightest, most compact raise drill to ever hit the Australian market.Its Redbore 30 is the 7th

drill in its Redpath fleet, and is designed to fit the current gap in the box hole drilling market; the need for increased mobility and low clearance heights, and the ability to easily move between sites.

The Redbore 30 has been developed specifically for block-cave operations but can be used on any box holes, and measures just 3.9 metres in height, 1.4 metres wide with a total weight of only 4.1 tonnes for the actual rig, while the drill’s hydraulic motor produces 133 kN of force for pilot hole drilling and 444 kNfor reaming.

While the size of the Redbore 30 contributes to improved set up times, another innovation is the new base, called the ‘Octopus’, that allows the drill to be locked into the side walls, removing the need to first pour a concrete slab as a foundation.

Another new safety feature of the Redbore 30 is the scissor-styled deflector plate which is stronger and can take more weight, increasing the safety for the operator of the drill by providing greater protection from falling rubble, while it also folds flat when not in use so it is easy to transport.

The drill can create raises up to 20 metres in length to a diameter of 1.06 metres, with a back height of less than four and a half metres, making it an excellent choice in tight conditions.

The Redbore 30 also features a highly energy-efficient power pack, which has been combined with the operating console into one unit to make the two-piece compact drill extremely mobile

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