Record tonnages for Queensland’s coal ports

Good weather and a ramp up in production has seen a record amount of coal exported through Queensland ports.

The state’s two main coal ports of Dalrymple Bay and Gladstone both saw record levels of coal move through in October on the back of high levels in the past few months.

Gladstone recorded 5.98 million tonnes in October, up 17.4 per cent on last year, while Dalrymple Bay recorded 5.79 million tonnes, up 19 per cent on the previous year.

Queensland exported 180.2 million tonnes of coal in 2012-13, an increase of 9.8 per cent on 2011-12.

The government predicts a further increase of 11.5 per cent in the current financial year, which would take the amount to 200.5 million tonnes.

Demand from Asia coupled with a focus on greater productivity is said to be behind the increased tonnages.

While a flood-free Bowen Basin has also helped, with some miners taking months to fully recover from floods seen in 2010.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the record export figures coincided with a stabilisation of work commodity prices.

“Importantly we are seeing coal prices also stabilise with the Hard Coking Coal Benchmark Price up five per cent – the first increase in more than two years,” Nicholls said.

“The recent opening of the Kestrel South and Daunia mines is clear evidence coal companies believe they have a future in Queensland.”

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