Rapid radiation detectors for mining and coal seam gas operations

ADM Instrument Engineering introduces a new range of radiation detectors from Thermo Scientific for coal seam gas (CSG) and mining operations.

Instruments containing radioactive isotopes such as Caesium 137 are widely used in mining and CSG operations to investigate underground geology as well as to measure the composition of gas and water deep underground, with the isotope emitting gamma rays to operate like a miniature X-ray machine.

These instruments are operated in strictly controlled conditions and typically contain a very small amount of radioactive material, encased in multiple layers of steel or lead.

The Thermo Scientific RadEye series radiation detectors are employed for constant monitoring of radiation levels to ensure worker safety is not compromised in these environments. By providing rapid and precise notifications in the very unlikely event of radiation leakage or contamination, the radiation detectors enable operators to implement emergency procedures immediately to eliminate any health or environmental risks from exposure to radiation contamination.

The RadEye B20 Beta/Gamma radiation monitor is a perfect tool for this application with its ability to measure both counters per second and dose rates.

To be only used by trained personnel, these radiation monitors are required to be properly maintained, calibrated and handled carefully to avoid contamination. ADM also offers full service and testing of Thermo Scientific RadEye series of radiation detectors.

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