Ranger begins acid leak clean-up

Clean-up operations are well underway at Energy Resources of Australia’s Ranger mine in the Northern Territory following an acidic radioactive slurry spill on Saturday.

ERA chief executive Andrea Sutton said efforts are well-advanced.

 “This is a serious issue and we are confident that we have the technical expertise to manage the incident,” she said.

The Federal Government announced this week the mine will not be able to restart production operations without regulatory approval and has set up a taskforce to respond to the incident.

ERA confirmed it will work with the taskforce.

 “We acknowledge the appointment of a Government taskforce to oversee the regulatory response to this incident,” Sutton said.

“Representatives from each of the taskforce members have visited site and we are working with them.”

The company said monitoring at the site shows the tank rupture has had no impact on employees or the surrounding environment.

“The monitoring has shown radiation dose levels are well within safe daily limit levels and continuous water quality monitoring has confirmed creeks and billabongs surrounding Ranger Mine have not been affected,” ERA said.

It said slurry had only been released into Ranger’s processing area and has been fully contained.

 General Manager at the operation, Tim Eckersley said the company is also conducting its own investigation.

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