Raising awareness of depression on the mines

In a bid to lift awareness of depression and anxiety and
raise money for charity organisation beyondblue, Downer Blasting Services is
rotating a bright blue bowl truck through some of its projects and donating $1
per tonne of product it delivers, as well as running mental health awareness
sessions and establishing a Peer Support Program.

So far, $3000 has been quickly raised with the DBS crew
ensuring they maximised the truck’s use and Jellinbah Resources agreeing to
match DBS’s donation.

Beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell said with one million
Australians experiencing depression and two million experiencing anxiety at any
one time, the blue truck is a great way to highlight the importance of maintaining
good mental health.

“The mining lifestyle, which includes travel to remote
locations and working long periods away from home, can negatively affect the
mental health of workers,” Carnell said.

“DBS’s eye-catching blue truck will help remind workers that
looking after their mental health is as important as looking after their
physical health,” she said.

DBS executive general manager Cliff Gale said that this
initiative will put depression and anxiety out in the open and help workers
gain a better understanding of these conditions.

“We hope this initiative will not only raise money for
beyondblue, but will also help reduce the stigma associated with mental health
conditions and provide avenues for employees to seek help,” Gale said.

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