Radioline: The wireless system for extended systems

Radioline is the wireless system for extended systems. Special features include extremely easy assignment of inputs and outputs by simply turning the thumbwheel, without any programming.

Thanks to Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology, Radioline is the ideal choice for reliable use in industrial environments, from mining, process technology, water and wastewater, energy and conveying technology and transportation technology.

Radioline provides a quick and easy startup of wireless systems, using the thumbwheel to assign the I/O modules within a network to one another.

No programming is necessary. Its new Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology, AES encryption, frequency hopping method, and coexistence management, offers a high degree of reliability. In addition, due to the high receiver sensitivity and individually adjustable data rates, the Radioline can cover large ranges of up to 32km.

Save on devices: use one device for a wide range of applications. Transmit I/O signals or serial data using a single device, thanks to the integrated RS-232/RS-485 interface. It can be extended with up to 32 I/O modules, thanks to the DIN rail connector and hot swap-capable design.

Radioline enables easy I/O signal distribution throughout the network and the creation of various network structures (as delivered). I/O mapping simplifies signal distribution significantly in large systems.

Radioline can be used to network multiple controllers or serial I/O devices quickly and easily using wireless technology.

With Radioline, I/O modules can be connected to the controller directly via the integrated RS-232 and RS-485 interface by means of wireless communication using the Modbus protocol.

Finally, the Radioline’s PLC/Modbus RTU dual mode joins the “serial data mode” and the “PLC/Modbus RTU mode”. In this mode, each station in the network acts as an independent Modbus slave.

You can connect I/O extension modules to each station in the network. The process data is stored locally in the Modbus memory map of the respective station.

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