RADCOFLEX, the only Australian manufacturer to use new technology PTFE Polymer in Industrial Hoses

Suitable for use in the toughest industrial applications there are – such as in refineries and chemical transfer depots – RADCOFLEX’s new Solflon X offers unparalleled chemical resistance through CrossFilm.

A 100 per cent polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) laminate, also used for expansion joints, CrossFilm has superb multi-directional strength and resistance to stress-cracks.

The thermoplastic polymer PTFE often goes by other names (Teflon, for example) and comes in other forms, with a wide range of uses due to its high heat resistance and, of course, its non-stick properties.

Since it was accidentally discovered in the 1930s, PTFE has found its way into many applications where its slipperiness has been highly sought after (think of pots and pans).

And famously, geckos, which can climb pretty well on anything, won’t stick to it.

PTFE also doesn’t taste, age, burn or smell.

The CrossFilm form of the engineering plastic is the strongest version available, and is next to impossible to tear, due to its multi-directional layering.

Use it as an inner layer, put it together with polypropylene fabrics, a PVC fabric cover, and inner and outer wires, and you have a composite hose that’s up to moving the most demanding chemicals and solvents.

RADCOFLEX is the only Australian manufacturer using this new sheet for the purpose. It’s a recent addition to its Solflon hose range, classified for use as Chemical Group 3 products.

Solflon can handle a temperature range of –30 to +140 degrees C, depending on the conveyant. It comes in standard production lengths of 25 – 100 mm (20 m) and 150 – 200 mm (10 m). It also performs well above Australian standards and offers excellent OH and S coverage.

For corrosive atmospheres and splash, the option of a stainless steel 316 outer wire is available (the option is called Solflon-S).

The PTFE liner also exhibits a low coefficient of friction, meaning Solflon X is also suited to moving high-viscosity products, such as paint.

The new product expands both the heavy-duty Solflon range and RADCOFLEX‘s offerings. As well as hoses, the NSW-headquartered manufacturer and distributor also offers a variety of expansion joints, hose fittings and hose assemblies.

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