Radar sensor level management solution for bulk solids

The mining industry presents some of the harshest conditions for equipment and workers. But with industry pressure to keep costs to a minimum while maximising efficiency, execution of tasks simply cannot be jeopardised by equipment that isn’t capable of withstanding and delivering accurate results under these conditions.

Even the smallest design or functional fault of a bulk solids level measurement radar sensor can have astronomical consequences for lost profits. Thus, businesses need to implement convenient, cost-effective and reliable innovations that enable task execution with reliability and efficiency.

When the level of bulk solids in a silo is detected and converted into an electronic signal, the level signal is either displayed directly on site or incorporated into a process control or management system. However often, harsh conditions present obstacles to achieving an optimal measurement, which in turn affects operational efficiency.

Noise – In containers and silos with many internal obstructions and complexities, sensor focusing can be influenced by extreme noise; hindering the level measurement result.

Dirt and buildup – Operating inside harsh environments riddled with dust, dirt and vapour, can mean measurements made by the sensor are fundamentally inaccurate.

Therefore, implementing a non-contact level management solution for bulk solids that allows continuous and efficient operation and delivers reliable measurement data while ensuring maintenance-free operation, would be welcomed by the mining industry.

A reliable, cost-effective and convenient solution

Delivering reliable measurement data in spite of extreme noise, maintenance-free operation and lower servicing costs, the VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor takes a big step closer to the ideal of an all-round radar level measuring instrument for bulk solids.

The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or lens antenna integrated in the metal flange, meaning it is completely unaffected by dirt and buildup; guaranteeing maintenance-free operation.

The level transmitter operates at a frequency of 79GHz, which allows a better focusing of the transmitted signal. The enhanced focusing helps to reduce the influence of background noise commonly found in complex internal structures such as silos, ultimately providing reliable measurement.

Bulk solids that often have poor reflective qualities can be measured with high reliability due to new microwave components that allow the sensor to detect even the smallest of reflected signals.

A measuring range of up to 120 metres and an accuracy of +/- 5mm gives the VEGAPULS 69 sensor the capability to execute level gauging in mine shafts or distance measurement on conveyor systems.

For more information on the reliable, cost-effective and convenient VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor level measurement solution for bulk solids, click here.

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