Queensland’s “great regional job robbery” continues: council

A mining job advertisement only open to job seekers who live close to Brisbane’s Airport has been described as “a direct kick in the guts” for regional Queensland.

Recruitment agency Chandler MacLeod is reportedly advertising for trainee mine workers in the Bowen Basin, but they must live within 100km of the state capital’s airport to be considered.

The advertisement does not reveal the Bowen Basin mining company working with the agency to recruit the trainees.

Mayor of Isaac Anne Baker said “the great regional job robbery” continued while Queensland Parliament contemplated the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill.

“This latest act where companies are seeking to fill trainee positions in resource communities with people only based within 100km of Brisbane is a mind boggling,” Mayor Baker said.

“To see postcode discrimination so blatantly and arrogantly advertised is infuriating. It’s absolutely heart wrenching to see our youth and our people robbed of employment opportunities.”

“Advertisements like these strip our regions, our communities and our youth of choice. They are not just robbing resource community workers but from workers across the Queensland, in fact, anyone outside of Brisbane.”

The Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill has been proposed in Queensland to support residents of communities near large resources projects.

Once cleared by Parliament, the Bill would protect job seekers in these regions by prohibiting 100 per cent fly-in, fly-out mining operations when there is a capable local workforce.

Mayor Baker said Isaac and its regional neighbours have capable workers of all ages who need jobs on the back of the downturn.

“Companies who conduct these sorts of advertising ploys are destroying the future of our next generation and generations to come.

“People who want to live in regional communities should have the opportunity to apply for jobs at nearby resource projects. This builds communities, increase opportunities for employment and allows local businesses to benefit from local activities.”

Baker said this incident clearly demonstrated the need for the legislation.

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