Queensland resources industry ramps up job growth

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) and the Greater Whitsunday Council of Mayors will work together to further boost resources jobs in the region.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) will bring three mayors under one partnership with the resources industry to ensure the Mackay region receives its ‘fair share’ of the sector’s economic benefits.

The agreement intends to promote the sustainable development of the Greater Whitsunday region’s mineral and energy reserves for growth in jobs, exports and investment.

The QRC stated it would do this through educating the wider population on the different types of coal and their associated use and economic value, while supporting the industry’s growth through planning infrastructure.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said the new agreement allowed a more equal distribution of the benefits provided by the resources sector.

“This MoU with the mayors of Mackay, Isaac and the Whitsundays regional councils recognises that the Mackay region will continue to be one of the most important contributors to the resources sector,” he said.

“We want to maximise our partnerships with regional Queensland to ensure they benefit from the wealth they generate through primary industries such as mining.”

The QRC already works alongside Anne Baker (Isaac regional council mayor) Andrew Willcox (Whitsunday Regional Council mayor), and Greg Williamson (Mackay Regional Council mayor), with the agreement intended to further enhance the relationship.

Macfarlane pointed out that the sector contributed $9.3 billion to the region and supports more than 56,000 full time jobs both directly in resources and associated industries.

The partnership will therefore encourage more investment and increased commitment to support regional economies.

Queensland’s resources sector invested $62.9 billion into the state’s economy in 2017-2018 and contributed to over 300,000 jobs.

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